Moving can be expensive – students will have to move a number of times during their university life. Hiring a removal company will cost anywhere up to and beyond ?200 – a sum that most students won’t depart with lightly. Another option is to hire out a vehicle to load up and drive yourself. But as most students are under 21, this isn’t an option because vehicle hiring companies can’t by law rent a vehicle out to someone that young. A further option is to drive all of your items in your own car to your new residence. But as most students do not own their own vehicle, or a vehicle big enough to fit everything they own in, this too doesn’t seem like a suitable option. Of course you could ask your parents for help, but if you go to university in, say, Brighton but your parents live up north, then they are unlikely to help.

With all these options ruled out, the only one left is to hire a Man and Van service. This service is by far the most suitable option for students. Man and Van companies charge by the hour with rates starting at around ?15-20 per hour. As student moves are by their nature local ones, this means moving home will only cost you around ?30-40 and maybe even less. For the fee you will get a vehicle – usually a 3.5 tonne van – come to your soon-to-be old residence, help you load up the van and then drive you to your items to your new residence. If there is enough space up front, they will even let you ride with them to your new home if you ask nicely.

As students do not have a lot of possessions to begin with, it will be unlikely that one student will fill up the van with their possessions alone. As most student homes are fully furnished, you won’t have to worry about transporting bed-frames, mattresses, wardrobes, and desks. So if you enroll some of your new flatmates to also pay for a Man with Van service, you could be paying as little as fiver to move everything you own from one property to another. Compare this with hiring out a removal company (which as previously mentioned will leave you at least a couple of hundred pounds down) and Man and Van services seem like a godsend. On top of all that, many Man and Van companies will offer student discounts – just be sure to ask for it because they probably won’t be offered to you unless you do.

If you really are working to a budget and can’t find anyone to share a Man and Van service with you, then be sure to ring around every Man and Van company operating in your area to get quotes. The first quote you get will most likely not be the cheapest one. Once you are armed with quotes from multiple companies, you can be begin haggle the quotes down. This way you’ll be able to transport all of your worldly belongings for as little as possible.

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