Whether you are moving in or out of the big city, house removals are a pain. Moving house in general is very difficult and stressful, but contending with the big city’s famous traffic and parking restrictions as well as fussy landlords and troublesome neighbors, can be enough to put anyone off. Being adequately prepared for the ordeal can however double your chances of the move being an easy and stress free affair, so get one step ahead of the game with our easy to follow hints and tips.

Visit your new property and get to know those who have previously lived there if you can. Ask them how they got on with the place and take notes of everything they mention, to avoid any nasty surprises when you arrive. Things like water pressure, heating efficiency and boiler problems can all be taken care of fairly easily if the house is uninhabited, so when the place is free, have a professional come round to take a look at everything, from the boiler and central heating, to the kitchen appliances and the loft, to get a good idea as to what needs doing. This kind of preparation will prevent any upset in the early days of your new life in the property.

If you are having the locks changed, then you should also do this beforehand for utmost peace of mind, getting this sort of thing done on the day of the move means that the tradesmen will be competing for space with your family and the removals company, which will likely make everything much more stressful and difficult.

Find your perfect removal men by shopping around a fair amount to get a good idea as to what you actually need from your company. Getting to know all of the services that different firms provide will let you know how the move will need to be performed in accordance with your house and your move, so take some time to do your research. Once you are completely sure as to what you want and need for your move, get a few quotes and compare them. Be aware that you often get what you pay for, and some companies will likely be a lot slacker than others. Reading online testimonials will give you a good idea as to whether to trust your company or not, though be aware that negative reviews are much more valuable than positive ones that may well have been written by the company themselves! Do not be afraid to haggle the price down a little, as there is often some space for bartering with these companies. If it is clear that you know what you are talking about then there will be less difficulty in getting your money’s worth.

Communicate your ideal move to the head of your removals team, and get a plan drawn up with exact times, dates and places on it, to prevent anything going wrong on the day. The longer a team has this to look at, the less the likelihood of them forgetting things at the last minute, or calling saying that they are lost when they should be there!

Do our traveling in the middle of the day, or early in the day on the weekend, this should mean that you avoid the worst of the traffic, as there will be less people on the roads at these times.

We hope that these few easy hints and tips will make your move a much less stressful time for you and your family.

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