Moving home can be tough, it’s something that most people who have been through one can attest to. There’s lots of hard work, heavy lifting, vans have to be hired and organised and returned… And if it’s a move you’re not prepared for, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Items can get damaged, lost, or even completely broken. Add to that the potential emotional stress that a removal can create, and you can see why removals are often headache inducing experiences.

They don’t have to be though, you can deal with pretty much all of these issues by simply hiring an S3 moving company. If you feel that’s an expensive prospect, then you might have a point. Professional movers, as reliable and fit for purpose that they are often on the expensive side, especially if you’re only going to be moving a short distance. To people on a budget, or even those who just want to save money on their removal, might I suggest an S3 man and van company instead?

A man and van company will do basically everything that a professional mover will. They’ll turn up in a well maintained van with all of the right storage racks and guide ropes, and will load up all of your possessions in a timely but careful manner, and drive it to where you need them. All this for substantially less than a traditional moving company. Don’t think that the people who run these companies aren’t trained properly or experienced enough, just because they charge less. A good S3 man and van company handle moves just like yours on a regular basis. The real reason for their lower price point is; a lack of brand name, and a smaller staff pool. That’s all. As long as these two things don’t bother you, (and as long as you’re conducting a small to medium sized move, they shouldn’t) then you really should consider hiring one of these small, but very competent moving companies.

To make sure you hire a good one, you should conduct a little research. Look around for any man and van companies that are based in the S3 area, as long as you’re moving from there. Local companies are more likely to know the surrounding area better, and as a result are less likely to be late. Once you’ve found a list, make sure they’re legit. Ask around, both on the Internet and in your circle of friends and relatives. Have any of them moved recently? If they have, did they use the Sheffield man and van company you’re considering? Ask them about their experiences, and if they’re good ones, give them a call.

Once you’ve found the companies that offer the right services and provide the customer courtesy that you expect, start pricing them up. See which ones give you the best prices, but don’t stop there, do some bartering, some haggling if you will. These man and van companies are often run by average people like you and me, so they’ll be more likely to give a discount than a professional mover with fixed rates.

Once you’re happy with the price, you can carry on with your move. Man and van companies are unmatched when it comes to the combination of reliable and dependable service and value for money. It’s definitely worth hiring one for your S3 move.

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