Moving requires packing and lots of it, fact! There is no doubt about the amount of packing involved during a move and when you think of how you pack to go on holiday and how that seems somewhat a chore then compare it to packing up a an entire house.

Most people will probably underestimate how much there is involved when it comes to packing up a whole house, there is going to be the need for lots and lots of boxes and packaging if you want to be sure that your household contents will be safe and secure during transit and this is not something that can be rushed either, packing needs to be carefully done in a well thought out and organised manner.

What to remember!

The transport process

Packing has to be done properly because if it’s not a disaster is inevitable, something is bound to go wrong! You must always keep the thought in your mind that all of those packed up goods are going to carried and moved to a removals van, where they will most likely be stacked on top of other boxes and then after transportation they will have to be unloaded again and carried into the new property. That’s lots of moving around and if things are not safely packaged inside it could lead to breakages.

The packaging

The packaging has to withstand a reasonable amount of weight and force, there’s no use in making do with flimsy worn out tatty boxes as it may lead to damaged goods and end up being a major regret. Some items are ok to pack into old boxes such as cushions, books and toys etc but for the majority of your goods it’s always better to go with a quality materials or something which is relatively new and unworn.

Cheap boxes have been known to crush easily when stacked also they pose the risk of bursting open when being carried, which is never a good way to start moving day and will only add to your stress levels. If these very important factors are considered early on, long before the move, then chances are all of these possibilities can be avoided.

What packing and packaging should I use and where do I find it?

Packaging for moving can be obtained from most removal companies. Removal firms tend to offer this service nowadays to make moving even easier for the client and what’s great about this service is that not only do you get quality packaging which is less likely to fail or let you down but also you can even get the removals company’s expert packers to lend a hand, if you wish? And by doing so you also get access to the free insurance coverage too, bonus!

Aside from this you can also purchase packing from any packaging retailer who sells boxes etc of various sizes. Although it’s better to go which freshly made packaging over reused ones, sometimes people struggle with the amount of packing they require, and they tend not to be unsure of how much they should purchase. This can be difficult to estimate when you are unfamiliar with doing so! What you do not want to happen is to end up paying for way more than you do not need nor do you want to underestimate the amount either because it could mean that you end up over packing those boxes which again could lead to damaged goods or boxes that burst open. Some removals companies will offer a free no obligation quote for this service where they will send a surveyor to you home to estimate exactly how much packing is required so that you know exactly how much to get. This is very handy and well worth doing if you are considering purchasing your packing for house removals.

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