The weather is turning from warm and humid to cold and dry in many Midwest and East Coast states. When this happens, we all know winter is coming and prepare for snow, cold and ice. So what do you do with your patio furniture? Do you leave your chairs, grill, tables and umbrella out in the elements all winter to face the punishing cold and snow? This is a great way to ensure you get to buy new furniture and a grill next Spring as the cold and snow can crack and break your chairs and tables. One option to keep your items safe and secure is to rent a self storage unit during the winter.

A self storage unit is a better option than piling up all of your patio furniture in the small space in your basement or in your garage – which means your cars will likely spend winter outside. Renting a storage unit is easy, hassle free and inexpensive and with several storage aggregators available online, like, you can rent a storage unit from your couch. This will save you some money so you don’t have to purchase new patio furniture and a grill next year.

The risk you run with leaving your patio furniture outside all winter is the cold can crack your plastic and glass furniture. If you have wood furniture, the cold and moisture can warp the wood leaving you with uncomfortable chairs and slanted tables next Spring. Extreme temperature fluctuations are not kind to furniture or electronics so in order to ensure there is no damage to your possessions, you need to store your items inside, either at your home or at a climate controlled storage facility.

You may not think a self storage unit is in your best interest but if you have minimal space in your home, storing your patio furniture safely and securely in a storage unit may be the only way to go. allows you to easily locate local self storage through the city or zip code search on the website. Find great deals from your living room!

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