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The moving team were superb!! They were fast and efficient, loading my entire apartment onto the truck in just two hours.

  • Jamari W.
  • 10Jul 2024

The crew is invariably hardworking, attentive, and enjoyable to work with. They are always on time and communicate well. I couldn't be happier with your entire team!

  • M. Buckley
  • 17Jun 2024

I would confidently recommend their services to anyone who needs to move

  • Journey S.
  • 17Apr 2024

We appreciated the fact that there were no hidden fees or charges when it came time to settle the bill with this company.

  • Quinten R.
  • 27Mar 2024

Thanks to Sheffield Removals, our moving experience was efficient and cost-effective.

  • Cristian P.
  • 13Mar 2024

They exceeded my expectations in every way possible, making my move seem like a walk in the park.

  • Megan Gaines
  • 11Feb 2024

Our realtor suggested Sheffield Movers for our move and they proved themselves to be trustworthy, skilled movers.

  • P. Ragsdale
  • 01Feb 2024

My friend's recommendation of Sheffield Removals turned out to be one of the best decisions I made for my move.

  • Gregorio Dodd
  • 22Jan 2024

The whole team exuded politeness, efficacy, and a genuinely positive demeanor - all the qualities you seek in a removals firm. Fantastic cost effectiveness, and I wouldn't hesitate to enlist their assistance once more.

  • Kaleb Upton
  • 18Dec 2023

These three movers were nothing but professional throughout the task at hand, remaining polite despite us watching them closely.

  • Krysta Cazares
  • 23Nov 2023

Removals Sheffield really surpassed expectations - they did an exemplary job in helping us move and were incredibly professional, taking the extra time to ensure we felt settled during a usually stressful period.

  • Alexis Wharton
  • 13Nov 2023

Extremely professional and great value for money. The movers arrived equipped with the proper supplies and gadgets.

  • Naomi C.
  • 03Nov 2023

This domestic removals firm handled my requirements with professionalism. I found it easy, just a pleasure dealing with them during what was a mightily stressful time for me. They made the process that much easier to manage.

  • Jaylon Napier
  • 18Jul 2023

A very special thank you is due to the movers for their stupendous work today. Executing tasks and finishing in a single day seemed challenging yet these blokes made it seem like a breeze! Impeccably timed, well mannered plus plenty of cheerfulness; their deep understanding came through in every way possible . To all who may read this: SheffieldRemovals is undoubtedly the way forward!

  • Ryan M.
  • 06Feb 2023

Student removals companies rarely actually offer rates that a student could afford in my opinion, but now that I've experienced the excellent service from Sheffield Movers I'll never need to worry about that again! The price, the service and the mover were all very good and I'm more than pleased with the company. Thanks so much!

  • Z. Frank
  • 21Jun 2016

Sheffield Movers were amazing when I moved to my new house. I was really excited as it was brand new and a lot of my furniture was new too. The driver and loaders were competent and took great care of moving the tons of boxes and big appliances; some of the stuff was fragile and expensive too! Everything was moved quickly without any damage. I can't rate this company high enough; they were absolutely brilliant and the price was good too!

  • Citlalli F.
  • 11Jan 2016

I moved last month with Sheffield Removals. I have moved before and do not know how I did not come across this company before or why I did not hire them before because they are excellent. Just the fact that they know what they are doing makes the process of relocating so much easier than dealing with companies who appear ultra fancy but are not and those types are the worst for being unorganized etc. I highly recommend this company though!

  • Alessandra Magee
  • 14Jul 2015

After the services that I had enjoyed in the past I just took it for granted that I would be delivered with the perfect removal service, but couldn't have banked upon what transpired. SheffieldRemovals and their team went above and beyond the common duty to ensure I received exactly what I was after, which was quality, efficiency and professionalism all rolled into one outstanding removal service.

  • J. Mcafee
  • 17Mar 2015

I'm someone who is concerned with the size of my carbon footprint, so the last thing I want is to do is use a removal company that is bad for the environment. Before agreeing to work with SheffieldRemovals I asked them to talk to me about how they go about reducing their CO2 emissions and I wasn't just happy, but I was also surprised with what I heard. It was then that I knew they were the right removal company for me and in the end they delivered all that they said they would. Eco friendly and efficient, I simply can't fault them.

  • Rachel Kauffman
  • 16Feb 2015

All my family and I wanted for our moving day was for things to run effortlessly and easily. That is precisely what we got with SheffieldRemovals. Their house removals team were first-rate. They worked skilfully and supportively together and got the job done flawlessly. I felt so pleased to have a dependable and competent company to help us on our moving day. I would positively use them again and mention them to my friends and family.

  • Heidy Troutman
  • 14Jan 2015

I work from home and while the movers from SheffieldRemovals were busy packing up the kitchen and living room and dismantling our beds, I can assure you that I wasn't disturbed. They worked quietly and efficiently and when they popped their heads round early in the afternoon to tell me they'd finished and would be back tomorrow morning to perform the move, I could hardly believe it! They were so efficient and quick I can't find the words to describe my satisfaction!

  • Kaley C.
  • 24Nov 2014

I wanted a commercial van to collect some business stock so I hired SheffieldRemovals to sort it. The entire event went well, there were no problems I gave them the address and a date and the stock was picked up and delivered to my work premise on time with no damage or loss. This company has a lot of services available at costs that are affordable to both business and private clients. I will certainly use them again in the near future. They are truly professional.

  • Axel Elam
  • 12Nov 2014

I moved house without needing any removals services, but I did want to find a decent packing service. I came across SheffieldRemovals completely by accident but I read a lot of great reviews about them and so decided to give them a call. First off, the prices were really good, so I was happy with that, but the service itself really blew me away! The packers were really friendly and professional, and I was very impressed with how quickly and how well they managed to get my home packed. Fantastic!

  • Logan Penny
  • 22Oct 2014

In some ways, having a good removals team is like having a good driving instructor. If they weren't there, things could get extremely dangerous, and they provide you with guidance, as well as a vehicle! Sadly, most people dislike their driving instructors, just as some come to dislike their removals companies, there are so many things that can go wrong in a move that the whole thing is bound to end badly somehow. I use SheffieldRemovals however, and they have never put a foot wrong, so I would suggest booking them if you need a calmer removal.

  • Carolyn Jameson
  • 27Aug 2014

SheffieldRemovals were fantastic! Very efficient and punctual, they managed to relocate me about 300 miles away from my old home and I did not experience any mishaps! Excellent service!

  • Sincere Hammer
  • 15Dec 2013

The guys from this removal company worked so hard that my entire move took 10 hours and was done in just one day! I could not believe that so much work could be done in just one day and that the guys were as cheerful and polite at the end of the long day as they were in the morning! Excellent company and services!

  • Bridgette Bernstein
  • 08Nov 2013

Sheffield Removals were excellent in everything they helped me with! I was offered terrific flexibility and the movers who came to help me on the moving day could not have been more professional and hard-working.

  • K. Reardon
  • 29Sep 2013

I searched for a removal company to help me in moving from Rotherham to Sheffield, due to my work relocation. I have to admit that I compared a lot of quotes from at least a few companies and the one that was most reasonable for the services offered was from this removal company. Both consultants and movers were extremely helpful and guided me through everything from the packing to unpacking. The entire process was completed in less time than I expected, so I am really satisfied. That was top-notch service, undoubtedly!

  • Marlen D.
  • 20Jul 2013

Thank you! Your company was recommended to my family by our friends, who were very happy with your services when they moved to Sheffield. We were not so sure if our moving needs could be met because we were moving a four-bedroom house. My husband and I were so worried about our furniture and belongings that we did not stop bothering the consultants with our requests. But they did not seem to be worried at all. They were always friendly and ready to help in any possible way! Not to mention that everything arrived in our new place untouched and just as we had packed it. Our experience with Removal Services Sheffield was great! We are highly recommending it because by choosing it you will not be disappointed.

  • Elana Burnside
  • 20Oct 2012

Your company offers great value for the money! And I am not just saying that to be saying it! I was extremely satisfied with the service from the moment I first called your office to the time when I was unpacking my stuff in my new flat in Sheffield. So, after I am done with uni and need a removal service again to help me move out, you know which company I will be using again!

  • Alyson Alfonso
  • 17Oct 2012

I made a really great choice by hiring Sheffield Removal Company and would definitely recommend them to anyone searching for a reliable moving company. I was able to communicate regularly with the customer representatives anytime I needed an answer to any of my questions. Everyone was really helpful. The movers who came to help me with moving my furniture were super hard-working and cheerful. My relocation from Sheffield to London was way more pleasant than I could expect. No hesitation on my part about whom to choose if I plan another relocation! Thanks everyone!

  • Felix L.
  • 12Oct 2012

Very efficient and punctual company! I moved from Sheffield to Germany at the end of the summer. I decided to pack my stuff myself, even though everyone warned me how risky that is, but I followed the super helpful advice of the specialists and dare to say that I was pretty successful. The help that I received from your team was beyond my expectations, given the fact that international removal is one of the hardest things! Everything was successful and all my stuff arrived as I packed it! Thanks so much for your prompt reactions and effective service!

  • J. Lilly
  • 07Oct 2012

The loading and transporting services I received from Sheffield Removal Company were very satisfactory! My wife packed our belongings and clothes, while I dismantled the furniture, but we needed professional help for the loading and unloading and transportation. Everything was organised perfectly and we received very helpful assistance, which saved us huge amounts of time and effort. Your company deserves great recommendations! Thanks!

  • Kurtis F.
  • 03Oct 2012

Flexibility was what I needed when I was looking for a removal company because everything about my move happened really fast and if the crew were not able to react promptly, I would have been lost. But luckily, I found your moving company and everything was extremely flexible, so I will not stop recommend your amazing services and professional execution!

  • Donovan Coleman
  • 01Oct 2012

Thanks to your careful mover, I had no broken items! That was my biggest concern, but you really made me believe that there is a way to find a great service for a perfectly reasonable price. I do not think that I could have my house removal to Sheffield performed better than it was with your professional assistance. Big thanks to everybody on your amazing crew!

  • Z. Boston
  • 27Sep 2012

I am extremely thankful to Sheffield Removals for providing me their efficient man and van services! The mover was in front of my door at the exact time we set and he started work without wasting any time. I had packed my belongings, so he loaded everything and arranged it perfectly in his van. I didn't have to give him any directions about the location of my new flat in Sheffield because he was prepared and knew the shortest way to get to it. I will not stop saying thanks for the help I received from your company!

  • Roderick P.
  • 24Sep 2012

I have used this removal company on a number of different occasions over the years and their storage services for the past 5 years. I have no complaints whatsoever; they are very correct and punctual and are always at the professional level they should be. Very polite and friendly customer representatives! I will continue to take advantage of their services.

  • Kierstin Creamer
  • 20Sep 2012

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