Moving house and removal in general can be frustrating, stressful and complicated. But with careful planning, thought and organisation, you’ll find researching into the best removal company for you is the wisest decision you can make. Before you make your choice, you need to ask yourself some vital questions in order to get the very best out of the company you go for. Follow our guide to making that final decision.

The right size

So you’re moving from a small flat, the likelihood of a huge van is very small. Make sure whichever company you decide to choose know how much stuff you’re moving so they can bring a suitable sized van and materials to help you move. If you’re moving from a big house, you may need one or two vans, again, communicate and make it as clear as possible how much your taking with your hired removal company. You can estimate but being approximate and spot on will save you time, money and a frustrated removal company. If you want moving day to run as smooth as possible you will need to plan this carefully to avoid any hiccups.

The right firm

The internet is your oyster. Surf, search and research to your wits end. You never know what offers you’ll come across but make sure they are names you know and trust. You can also use newspapers, magazines, booklets, leaflets, flyers, advertisements and word of mouth to help you search. And back up any potentials with online and magazine reviews. Make sure the company you choose covers all your furniture and valuable antiques. If you’ve got a large piano, a company might not be willing to move it. You must take your time researching. It’s so important. This will avoid you costly companies. Although, it may cost a little extra to employ experts in moving expensive and valuable items but this will save your money long-term and give you much-needed peace at mind.

The right load

Examine your home and walk around it, make a long and detailed list of all of your furniture. From sofas to poufs, every size adds up so you will need to be clear and concise. Lists are made for planning after all. Don’t estimate without a glance first – you’ll only end up over or underestimating which will make moving a nightmare. Once your list is accurate and complete, call the removal company and communicate with them as to how much stuff you have in an easy format. For example, three sofas, five boxes and two wardrobes etc. The company will then decide whether a part or full-load will be suitable for you. At the end of the day, if you’re as accurate as possible, you’ll save money and precious time.

The right van

If you haven’t got much stuff than just a man and a van will do the job and save you money. But if you’ve got lots to move then it’s a lot better to go for a larger firm who can pack your furniture up in a bigger lorry, and make the most out of their space.

The right move

Once you’ve carefully chosen your company, they will need details of where you currently live and where you are moving to. You’ll need to make sure you’ve got space outside for them to park-up and they are fully aware of bigger items and are prepared to move them, even in advance. Keep in regular contact with your chosen company to avoid and surprises on the day. You will both need to know the plan and keep each other updated for a smooth, simple move.

Price your move


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