Storage is an evil beast, it’s a necessary one, but it is evil nonetheless. The heartbreak of having to part ways with the possessions that you do not absolutely need in your new home can be a difficult thing to manage, but you must be vigorous with your decisions. There is absolutely no point in storing that which you do not need. The only reason that you would spend what can be quite a large amount of cash on a monthly rate for a locker containing things that you own, is if they are either too emotionally valuable to part with, in which case, why are they not in your home? Or, they are an object of a nature that will gain money as time goes on, so your expenditure in the rental of the S1 storage is an investment. Finding the best storage solutions in S1 will come down to a series of factors, which all pertain to their value; location, type and size.

To start with, you need to work out where you want your storage to be. If you are moving away then you should consider the distance from your new home to where your items will be being stored. How often will you need to visit the storage unit in order to see or deal with your items? If it is not very often, then one or two longer trips a year may be worth the saving that you may find from storing your items closer to your old home. If you are planning on visiting your storage locker fairly often, then it will be more likely that you will want it near to your new place. the location of the locker can change the price in terms of the value of the land it stands on. Rent for flats and houses will be higher in the cities of the United Kingdom, and the same applies for S1 storage units. You will be better off renting in the countryside where land is more freely available than in the city, if you are looking to spend less.

The type of locker that you use will depend on that which you are storing. It is more than likely that the things you are spending so much money on keeping safe are worth a great deal to you, and therefore the quality of lock up that you use should reflect this. Be aware of lockers that have cracks underneath the walls, or are not very well sealed. In certain circumstances these sorts of potential faults could lead to damp, extreme temperature changes as well as rodents. These different conditions and issue can affect your items severely, and devalue them considerably. There is little use in storing an expensive old piano if you return to find that the temperature change has ruined its sound board, and mice have chewed up the legs!

Size will obviously depend on how much you have to store, and this is where the trouble can start. Working out how much space you will need can be difficult, and expensive to get wrong when you arrive with too much stuff for the unit you have paid for. Work out the dimensions by measuring the van you use to get things to the lock up in the first place, and always order a little bit more than you think you need, to avoid and maneuvering issues, and so that you can add things if you need to.

Storage should be a temporary thing, but finding the best solution can help you avoid a whole world of trouble!

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