So, you’re considering a move to or from Sheffield? Well, like any other move, you’ll want it to go as smoothly as possible, and one of the best ways to make this happen is to plan everything out. Most of your moving problems will disappear as long as you prepare for them. Things won’t get lost or broken if you take care of the packing properly, and you won’t get lost en route as long as you take down some directions before you leave. Planning is pretty much the most fundamental thing to remember when taking on any project, and moving house is no exception. So in this guide, I’ll break down, process by process how to make your Sheffield move a successful one. Let us get started;

Fund Raising

If you feel like you have a tight moving budget, might I suggest you do some fund raising first? The most effective way to raise money for a move is to have a clear out. If you haven’t done already, have a rummage through your wardrobes, your cellar and / or your loft, see what you can find. Then decide what you’ll be throwing out or recycling, what you’ll be taking and what you feel you can sell.

Those old clothes that are too small for you and you have no use for? Price them up. Is your new house fully furnished? Then get rid of the old ones. Get down the car boot sale and get rid of all of the saleable knick knacks that you don’t need, and you’ll have more to spend on your move. And the more you have to spend on your move, the more secure you’ll feel.


Packing is one of the more important jobs to take care of, so get it done right. Get a hold of some high quality packing materials, like the moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape and packing paper, and get to work. Pack everything room by room and wrap everything up in a secure manner. Fragile items should be packed away from heavy, cumbersome things and be given extra bubble wrap. And remember to avoid overloading the moving boxes.

If you feel you don’t have time to d othe packing yourself, consider hiring a packing company. They can either handle the entire packing load, or just enough to make it bearable. You can depend on them to pack up your possessions properly, if you feel you can’t.

Planning the journey

The journey also needs to be planned, especially if the move is long distance. Take down all of the directions and schedule a rest stop or two along the way. Also be sure to pack snacks, drinks and moving blankets if you’ll be moving through the night. A little something to keep the kids occupied is a good idea, as well.

Actually making the move

Now for the actual move. With the packing done, the journey planned, all that’s left now is to hire a removal company. Sure, you can handle the move yourself, but I would not advise it. Removals are hectic enough without having to worry about van hire, and all of that heavy lifting. A move is supposed to be a high point in your life, there’s no need to make it harder than it needs to be.

Both professional movers and Sheffield man and van removal companies are available to hire, and they’re both well suited for the purpose. Man and van movers are generally cheaper, but offer less staff. So basically, look at your current moving situation as well as your budget, and hire whichever one seems right to you. They’ll both do their part to make your move as quick and easy as you can possibly expect.

So, just make sure to plan the key parts of the move out, and you can expect nothing but success from your Sheffield removal.

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