Preparing for a removal involves a great many different things. You will need to ensure that everything is packed and in place, ready to be handed over to the removals company. You will of course want the removals company to be hard working and reliable, which is a bit of a challenge in itself sometimes, and finding a great removals service can get in the way of arranging other things! If you feel like this is a lot to consider, then the notion of moving long distance will likely make it all a lot more scary! The fact is, that the longer the distance, the more manic the day itself can be, as you either have the choice of trying to cram the pack, drive and unpack into one working day, or to split it up over a couple, with a break between. On longer jobs, you may even need to do the break halfway across the country, which is obviously not ideal! You should have a discussion with the removals company early on about how they think they want to do the job, and taking their advice is a good idea, as their experience in the field will mean that they understand the time it takes to get such things done much better than many others would.

So, when talking to the removals company about how you are going to go ahead, you will likely have a couple of options on the table. The first will be to do the whole job in one day, should the drive time allow it. If the drive seems too long to be realistic, then you can split the move over a couple of days. The range of the days involved can change however, you may want to pack the house up one afternoon, and then drive early the next day, so that you have arrived and unpacked by the evening the next day. This does of course leave you with an uncomfortable evening and night on the first night, but it may well be worth it for the ease with which the following removal goes by. There is also the notion that you could start early with the loading, drive to a stop point, and stay overnight in a hotel or bed and breakfast, and then do the rest of the move the next day. This will obviously be quite an expensive option, but if the move is that far then it will have to be!

There are things to think about with each of these options. If you have children, then they will not want t be in the car for hours and hours on end, so you need to factor their breaks in to the journey time. The best situation is if you have two cars, and one parent can drive with the van, and help at the unloading end, whilst the other takes the children or pets, taking a slow and steady route, making sure to stop off for the requisite breaks. You should talk over these options with the removals company, to see how they can sweeten the deal for you as well. The hope is that they can reduce the cost per day, given that it will go over two days, or that they can provide their own sleeping arrangements in a sleeper van of some sort, in order that you don’t have to pay for hotels for the whole crew! There is always a way to do it well, without spending too much!

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