When moving house, the most painful process is packing everything up. You can save a great deal of time by being prepared and clever with the process; getting rid of items that you will never need via eBay, or charity shops is a great way to de-clutter your life as well as saving time during the move. Be ruthless with getting rid of things, it is easy to get attached to things that have absolutely no use in your life any more, as we as a species hate giving away things that we are accustomed to having around, or have paid for. Regardless of how much you get rid of, you will have a great deal of packing to do, and during this process card board boxes and marker pens will become your bread and butter, alongside packing tape and bubble wrap!

How to label moving boxes depends on your Sheffield move. If you have a load of stuff to get shifted then it is best to be more in depth with your labeling as it will make the unpacking process quicker. Obviously, the more items and boxes that you have, then the more work involved in getting the labeling done, so it is always a difficult one to judge! The best way to start is to label each box that comes from each room with the room that it will be destined for. This will mean that even if you put no other indicator on the boxes, that everyone who sees it will have a good idea of the kinds of things inside it.

Labeling your boxes with the appropriate room is important as it will mean that during the unloading of the van, the boxes will all go to their designated rooms. Make sure that upon arrival, you label each room as well, as without any furniture in it can be difficult to differentiate each room. A piece of paper stuck to each door with the name on will suffice, and make the unpacking process a whole load easier, as you will not have to sort things between rooms, merely put them in place straight from the boxes.

If you can afford the time, then getting a bit more detailed with your labeling is very wise, and will save you time in the long run. Having a loose list of the things inside each box will mean that you can arrange your unpacking in to sections that make sense, and avoid opening boxes that are not needed at that time. Of course you can be less that precise with your labeling, for instance, ‘books’ is better than the titles of each book, unless you are completely obsessed with reading and can’t bear to be in the dark as to the whereabouts of you beloved copy of Wuthering Heights…

This more detailed labeling will mean that you are not stuck tearing through your boxes marked ‘kitchen’ when you need to find a knife, and it will also mean that you can unpack things in a more efficient way. For instance, if you have a bookshelf that needs filling, but are awaiting other furniture for other items to be put in, then it is nice to be able to locate the ‘books’ box and put them in place, without having to get out and open every other box in the process.

Labeling is particularly important if you are putting things in Sheffield storage as well, as sometimes you will need to get something, and the nature of storage units Sheffield will not always allow for much rootling around.

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