In course of the removal, organisation is of prime importance. The whole removal prospect seems daunting and typically induces stress, and good organisation relieves difficulties and gets everything under control. Organization that helps the wheel goes round and in the right direction in the most proper way is needed in most cases because time is what matters during removal project. Usually we don’t have the whole time in the world to remove our stuff but just a few hours or one day which is not much especially if we have a lot of baggage.

Organisation involves the division of the removal activities into stages, and for the purpose creating a removal checklist is essential, to help stick to the plan. In the course of planning, it is also essential to plan which household items to take, and which should be left behind – there are objects in any home that are used hardly ever or even never, so why should they be taken along to the new home? The planning on which items, furniture, books, clothes to take and which are to be left behind, disposed of or given away, will save a lot of work on the carrying and transportation of the property, and in this way it will lead to time and money saving too. It is often pointed out that both while giving the home a regular annual or seasonal cleaning and especially during removals, decluttering and leaving items which are not needed, hardly ever used, damaged, etc. should be one of the central tasks.

The organisation of removal activities should also involve the planning of the storage, if necessary. For people who will have to wait before they can settle in a new home, or when they are downsizing and moving into a smaller home, storage is usually high in the list. But the question of storage should be discussed in close relation to the question of decluttering and disposal of unnecessary belongings. Nowadays the money side of removals is an important consideration for all people moving to new homes, and they should be aware that taking a lot of household items into storage to find that after months or a year they have paid substantial amounts for items that in fact they are not going to need.

Planning and considering all types of household items should be done prior to the start of the removal activities, to ensure the smooth carrying out of all the packing, transportation, unpacking etc. Each detail, however small it may seem, may give rise to disappointments and hassles if it has not been attended to properly. A case in point is not taking the right decision with respect to the curtains. Curtains are usually made or bought to fit the specific home, and if the owners decide to take them to their new home and thus incur savings, they may be disappointed to find out that they should have the curtains resized to fit the new home.

Some people would approach the task of planning and creating a checklist to include each room separately, and then deal with the rooms one by one during the removal. Others would like to deal with the household items type by type, starting with furniture, then going on to clothes, etc. Any organised approach is good, as it introduces order and enables people to anticipate and prevent removal problems.

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